Each long voyage starts with the first step. We made our first step more than 130 years ago. Since then we have continuously developed us over five generations.  The following list shows yo1u the most important development steps.



Our location is expanded by a new hangar.

workshop fire


In the night to 16 april a disaster happened. Due to a technical defect the 'old carpentry workshop' burned down.


This is the trigger for the planning of a new and modern production facility, our current location.


Peter Spor, also master carpenter,  takes over the company from his father.


After 43 years of managing the carpentry Spor, the company went over to Franz-Josef Spor in the fourth generation.

building application at the community


80 years have passed since the company was founded. The actual field of activity (carpentry) was extended trough a  sawmill, a cartwrighting and a funeral home by the years.


In order to cope with the rising level of incoming orders Franz Spor submitted a building application at the community for the 'old carpentry workshop'.



Under the leadership of Franz Spor funeral home became a field of activity.


Due to the premature death of his father his son, Franz Spor, takes over the company. The company was extended by a sawmill.


Peter Spor takes over the carpentry in the second generation.

First bill of the company


The company was founded by Mathias Spor. The first offered services were craftsmans work in the areas carpentry and cartwrighting.

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