Solid wood floors

Solid wood floors is our seventh and last field of activity. A floor is a accessible and aesthetic surface, which consists of several layers. Every layer takes over an other function, such as heat or noise protection.


In the construction of solid wood floors our company has specialiezed in various hard floor coverings. This includes boards-, laminate- and parquet floors, which are described in the following section.


If you are searching for a company which installs hollow- or double floors, you are also on the right place. For further informations to hollow- or double floors we would ask you to contact us.

Laminate floor

Parquet floor

Board floor

Laminate floor

On the basis of a laminate floor we would like to discribe the typical structure and the stress classifications of a floor.



Structure of a laminate floor

1. Overlays

Protection layer against claim

2. Decor paper

Optical Surface ('motive') of the laminate floor

3. Underlay

kraft paper to improve the wear resistance

4. Base plate

MDF / HDF boards as substrate materials with a tongue and groove profile

5. Counter-move

bend protection on the bottom of the coating

6. Footfall sound isolation

noise protection and compensation of unevenness



Stress classification of a laminate floor

Claim in Living area Claim in business area
moderate normal intensiv moderate normal intensiv very intensiv
21 22 23 31 32 33 34
bedroom living room kitchen hotel room office store train station

Parquet floor

A parquet floor is comparable to a laminate floor. The significant difference between both floor coverings is, that the top layer of the parquet consist of natural wood. Parquet is characterized by small pieces whose fibres are aligned horizontal. (A vertically aligned wood fibres ist called wood block)


The natural wood layers are usually from deciduous trees like oak, beech, birch or walnut, which are offered as various parquet types. Our company normally installs the following types:

strip parquet



Panel parquet

('sample parquet')


on-edge lamel parquet


Further types: mosaicparquet or lamparquet


If you decieded for an individual parquet type, you also have to choose between different laying pattners. With the help of the following illustration we would like to give you a view about the mainly laying pattners, we are working with.


Board floor

A board floor is also named as ship or strap floors. This kind of hard floor covering is the oldest type we are working with.


Boards are solid wooden elements, that give the board floor a rustic-style. A board is a plate with a certain length and width, but it must have a lower strenght then 40 mm.


To install a board floor, the individual boards are pluged (They have a tongue and groove profile). To protect the boards against abrasion, pollution and other impactes they are oiled and painted.

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