Our core competence is and remains carpentry work. The processing and surface treatment of wood and wood-based materials is the focus of these competence.


With creativity, utmost care and craft skills we produce different carpentry products for you. We would like to invite you, to get a impression of our performance level.


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In addition to the overview of our various products, we would like to give further informations about the carpenter craft. Our focus is hereby on the three points: 'Carpenter vs. Joiner', 'Activities' and 'Materials'.

Carpenter vs. Joiner

An frequently asked question in our business, deals with the difference between the both names carpenter and joiner. Historically speaking the two words are derived from typical objects (shrine and table) of the daily work.


Nowadays the names have the same meaning, but both still exist, because they are used differently in the regions of Germany. This is shown by the adjacent map.


For the production of the individual products, a carpenter must be able to manage various activities. These activities include:


measure / marking, sawing, slice, stem/ milling, drilling/ gluing, screwing/ nailing, grinding, coating, assembly


For the various activities a carpenter normally uses different tools. A distinction is made between:


  • hand tools (e. g. pocket rule, sanding block or claw hammer)
  • elextrical hand machines (e. g. jigsaw, edge milling or drilling machine)
  • machines (e. g. edge bending or band saw)


As a modern carpenter, work is not only performed with wood or wooden materials (chip-, MDF-, plywood boards, trimmed timbers and veneers), but also increasingly with plastic, glass, aluminium or other metals. Often the materials must be used in combination. To ensure that this succeeds, a carpenter must know the properties of the different materials.

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