Doors and Gates

The following gallery presents some of our in- and outside doors and gates.

The fields of activities 'doors' and 'windows' are closely interlinked. If you compare both fields of activity, the only difference is, that doors provide a passageway into other rooms.


Therefore it is not surprising that doors such as windows are designed after structural regulations. The structural regulations could be, that doors must protect against noise, smoke, fire and beams or they can operate as a panicdoor.


Following we would like to present you different characteristics of doors. Therefore we show you the structure of a door, the mainly door kinds and a tabular list of typical fittings and accessories.

Structure of a door

1. door frame

2. door leaf

3. door case

4. door rabbet

5. seals

6. panels

7. door handle

8. tapes / hinges

9. door lock

Door kinds


Single-action doors are the classic among the doors. They are characterized by a movable door case, which is fixed with hinges on the door frame.


Slinding doors are characterized by a door case which hangs ina guide rail. By rolling elements inside the guide rail the door can be moved.


The special feature of folding doors are, that the door case is splitted into stripes, which are connected by hinges. Hereby you get a bride passageway, without much place to store the stripes.



A fittings are parts, which contribute to the function of a door.


  • door hinge
  • door knob
  • door lock with
    • lock latch
    • strike plate
    • bolt
    • closing cylinder



Door accessories are elements, which improve the function of a door.


  • door drive
  • door damper
  • door closer
  • door opener
  • spyholes
  • door chain
  • door knocker

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