Dry construction

The construction sector has changed dramatically in the last century. In addition to new building materials, there is a enourmous time and cost pressure on construction sites. In order to manage this challange we have expanded our competence profile by dry construction.


Dry construction provides the processing of bounding space and non-load-bearing elements (floors, walls, ceilings) in simple and assembly method of construction, without using humidity.



For the processing of dry construction building physics requirements are very important. Depending on the customer's requirements, the dry construction elements must be designed and constructed in such a way that they are protective against fire, humidity, noise, heat and beams. Therefore special materials of isulation will be used.


With the following list we would like to give you a view of our competences in dry construction.

Elements of dry construction
Floor systems Wall systems Ceiling systems
cavity floors fixed partition walls system ceilings
raised floors variable partition walls decor ceilings
dry screed systems home-separating walls panel ceilings

surface covering

(e. g. parquet)

installation walls

(e. g. toilett partition walls)

coffer ceiling

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