Fire and smoke protection doors

Since the fire of the ‘old carpentry workshop‘ in 2005, the topic fire protection has a special signifikance for us. Due to the loss of our property and the perceived danger to our health and life we decided to add ‘smoke and fire doors’ to the fields of activity.


Hereby our service includes the first installation and retrofitting of fire and smoke doors.

Fire-protection-doors (DIN 4102-5)

The prevention of the spread of fire in openings of a fire-resistant or fire-proof wall are the tasks of a fire protection door. Fire-protection-doors are characterised by their fire-resistance class (t30, t60, …, t180). A fire-resistance class means the period of minutes, which the door prevents the spread of fire.


The combination of various elements (e. g. seals, fittings or frame) and materials (e. g. metal, glass or foamed material) makes the production of a fire-protection-door very difficult. To ensure the function, we trust in certificated companies who are specialised in building fire-protection-doors. We understand us as a service partner who install these doors systems.


Because of the high complexity and its associated costs, fire-protection-doors only will be installed on special places, such as:


  • Places with high visitor frequency         
  • Places where many old and handicapped humans live    
  • Long corridors and 
  • Staircases

Smoke-protection-doors (DIN 18095)

Normally the first perception of a fire is the scent of the smoke and not the sight of the flame. If the escape out of the building in case of fire isn’t possible, smoke-protection doors offers a valuable protection against smoke poisonings.


The combination out of a self-closing door and the special seal technology ensure that flue gases can’t pass the door until a determine period of time.

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